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20-Dec-2017 23:08

Do you think a man in his 30s falls in love with a minor? I'm disappointed at the writer." Others defended the writer, saying, "It's fine...

You just don't like Kim Go Eun and her acting." Another person wrote, "It's an understandable portrayal.

Dokkaebi is about a mythical character in Korean folklore.

He isn't looking for his "bride" in the sense of marriage or children, the bride is the only human that can pull out the sword; the ONLY reason he is looking for her.

Don't we get enough of that with the REALITY of our world?

19 isn't a minor,get your fact checked before you make a complaint, pedophilia is a condition where he/she had a sexual desire to prepubescent children, i think that person is only tried to made the drama became a huge failure I don't see anything wrong writing a story where in the age of the characters are 19 and 30 respectively.

The man who looks like he is middle aged and a minor falling for each other is being portrayed as romance... It was from the second episode I found some issues. Another issue is that, in the drama, Ji Eun Tak is misunderstood as a prostitute involved with an adult and is subsequently bullied by her schoolmates, so the writer herself knows that the relationship is problematic...

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I think a romance line between a minor (even if she is almost an adult) and a 30-something man is not right.... And why make the female lead a high school student? " Netizens also complained about the two character's relationship. It's a bit weird to watch Kim Go Eun's character throw herself at an older male...The age gap seems large if you think of it as 18yr vs 30yr, but that age gap isn't super uncommon world round.I think they're just trying to find something to pick at.There may be a line or two that was out of place, but throughout more than half the drama, there is no real sexual undertone to their relationship, in fact, doesn't he spend most of his time keeping space between them?

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Even their first kiss was after her 20th birthday... As an American who loves KDrama and Kpop, I'm often very disappointed in the ugliness of many netizen blogs, "anti-fan" sites, and the like.

SEE ALSO: Gong Yoo is the first cover model of 'Elle' for the year 2018 Many viewers posted directly to the drama's official website and asked the writer to re-consider the love line since Kim Go Eun's character is a high school student (18 years old international age, which is considered a minor in Korea) and Goblin is portrayed as an adult male in this 30s. And Gong Yoo says a line, 'Meat, alcohol, and women -- more the merrier.' What a thing to say." "I think Kim Go Eun's character needs some changes.

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