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Finally, the one thing Argentinians love is their ice-cream.

It is often ordered by the kilo and delivered to people’s home.

The meeting spot was an authentic family-owned pizzeria called Pedro Telmo, located off the main street of Defensa, on Bolivar between Estados Unidos and Carlos Calvo.

We only recommend products and services that we use and that we believe will be useful to you. Through food, they believe, people can have more meaningful connections on their travels.

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When I got to the restaurant, there were 8 people already there for the tour, making it a small and intimate group.

More than half of the group was from the US, there was a young British couple on their honeymoon and another couple from Ecuador.

A nice mix of folks, under the care of Maria, our knowledgeable and At this point , make sure to measure yourself, keeping in mind that you haven’t gotten to the main meal yet, you are still in appetize phase.