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04-Oct-2018 19:00

Our literature analysis in IS allows us to identify five different conflict types (see Conflicts about the system are about the IT design by itself, its functionalities and efficiency.

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A focus on pre-implementation phases is thus important, as IS managers need to anticipate potential conflicts and users’ resistance that can lead to project failure (), we report resistance evolution toward the ERP adoption project during the pre-implementation phase. The literature analysis reviews conceptual foundations of associated with IT implementation.Then, beyond task-related asymmetries () (about ideologies, values, power tensions, etc.) play a significant role in inter-unit conflicts.As consequences, obstacles to communication are considered to be main factors associated with this category of conflicts (Conflicts associated with ERP implementation can encompass intra- and inter-department levels and mix several aforementioned dimensions.The underlying message of this article for researchers and practitioners is to consider users’ resistance toward IT as a key process embedded into IT choices and IS design.

Understanding key factors contributing to Information Technology (IT) adoption in organisations is a central concern in Information Systems (IS) research.

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