Sex xx 100

04-Aug-2018 16:51

It sold steadily over its first few years of release, becoming a sleeper hit in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Although none of its singles became hits, xx benefited commercially from the licensing of its songs to television programs and the band's Mercury Prize win for the album in 2010.

The microphones were among the more expensive items he borrowed for the studio's preliminary setup so XL would not be overwhelmed with a costly budget.

Despite Mc Donald's close involvement, the xx had been encouraged to self-produce their album by Russell; he believed it would remain faithful to both the band's distinctive live sound and the DIY ethic practiced at XL since its beginnings as a rave label.

Most of them were sung as low-key duets by Croft and Sim, both of whom wrote emotional lyrics about love, intimacy, loss, and desire.

After they signed a contract with XL Recordings, the band recorded the album from December 2008 to February 2009 at the label's in-house studio in London.

He also created click tracks for the rest of the band to keep timing when they recorded their individual parts.

After those parts had been recorded, he refined and incorporated his beats into the songs for three to four weeks.

Mc Donald believed it was important for the singers be "in sync" and share the same mental state or mood when performing full takes of songs, some of which he said benefited from when they were both "quite tired and emotional".

He had Croft and Sim sing into Neumann microphones on most of the songs in order to make their vocals sound as "intimate" and conversational as possible.After posting the demos on their Myspace page, the xx drew the interest of Young Turks, an imprint label of XL Recordings.

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