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31-Jul-2017 14:06

Ito Yuna graduated from Mc Kinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Ito is half-Japanese, half-Korean as her father is Japanese and her mother is Korean.

She speaks English as her native language, and Japanese as a second language. Ito Yuna got her break acting in 2005 as Serizawa Reira in the movie NANA, and released her debut single from the movie, "ENDLESS STORY", as REIRA starring YUNA ITO.

Ito Yuna (伊藤由奈) is a Japanese-Korean singer and actress under Sony Music Records hailing from Hawaii.

She is most known for her debut single in 2005, "ENDLESS STORY", which was featured in a crucial scene in the hit movie NANA.

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The first was "stuck on you", featuring "These boots are made for walkin'" (a Nancy Sinatra cover) as the B-side.

In this same film she played the character Serizawa Reira, the vocalist of the rival band, TRAPNEST.